SANTANDER: QUIQUE ORTIZ “(No) Morder la mano que te da de comer”

Quique Ortiz, No morder la mano que te da de comer, Galeria Juan Silio, Santander

In his artistic project, Quique Ortiz uses painting and drawing with a realistic figurative treatment, creating images of environments and intimate atmospheres. They are mostly nocturnal scenes full of mystery in which the blackest darkness is broken by light, expressed through his own characteristic technique. Paint and surface play, brushstroke by brushstroke, creating works that are spontaneous and agile in appearance, but very careful. The materiality of the support, the treatment of the image, the palette and the purely plastic aspects give character, expressiveness and strength to his work. Sensitive to his surroundings, he tries to objectify and make his own fragments and images of popular culture in an attempt to highlight a certain disagreement or criticism with the evolution of society. With his work he recreates an exercise in free agency that is visible both in the new readings of the original images and in the composition. Painting does not serve to produce the image, it is the image that serves us to produce painting.

The figure of the dog takes on a leading role in his work, representing both the values of a flattering and faithful animal – if it is tamed and educated – and what it symbolises about struggle, strength, retained rage, not hiding and pretending to be something else, ” DO NOT BITE THE HAND THAT GIVES YOU FOOD”. In this way, the artist aims to make the viewer ask questions and to provoke other readings of what is happening in the image, generating debate, tension or discomfort.

There is a certain brutality in the work, as in existence itself, which is difficult to bear, but we must do it and question it. It is not, therefore, a “kind” work. It is violent. Each of his works can be understood as an act against the natural way of proceeding.

This is an exhibition open to interpretation that assaults the viewer by appealing to the emotions through neatly crafted painting. Violence, discontent and fear pervade the work, as well as a call to action or a certain state of alertness. Reflection is obligatory in a world in which, in addition to the explicit violence in reality and in the media, the levels of subtle and legitimised violence are also increasing. Freedoms are being curtailed one bite at a time. “NO MORDER LA MANO QUE TE DA DE COMER” is a brave metaphor about the worsening of social conditions and the detriment of individual freedoms.

Quique Ortiz (Santander, 1988) holds a degree in Fine Arts from the UPV/EHU and a Master’s degree in Artistic Production and Research from the Universitat de Barcelona UB. He currently lives and works in Santander where he is constantly training through activities, courses and grants related to artistic development, research and production.



15th April – 13th June, 2021
Quique Ortiz

Galería Juan Silió
C/ Sol 45, bajo. 39003 Santander.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday,
10.30AM – 1.30PM
6PM – 9PM