Juan Silió Gallery presents the first solo exhibition of the Cantabrian painter Ricardo Cavada in its Madrid space under the title Pinturas (Paintings).

On this occasion we enter Cavada’s most personal sphere with works that have never been exhibited except on the walls of his home and studio. Created over the last twenty years, these are pieces that establish such a special relationship with their creator that he decides to treasure them for himself and rarely lets them go. The vibrant colours, the lines whose chromatic contrast seems to break the harmony of the plane, but above all the emphasis on gesture and the application of “less is more” are a common feature in all of them and result in paintings of great depth. Seeing them as a whole leads to the apt words that Juan Manuel Bonet dedicated to him at the beginning of the 2000s:

“Grids, geometric patterns with influences of Mondrian always, blades repeated over and over again, revealing the background on which they rise, wide bands that, parallel to the edges, within an -Albersian?- square, define another. A constructive feeling, always, of repetition structure, postminimalist”.

The fact that his first individual exhibition in Doctor Fourquet space, after several exhibitions in Santander, coincides with the first anniversary of its opening, has been the catalyst to convince him that it is the perfect moment for these works that he considers his most special paintings to go beyond the private sphere, to put an end to that bond of years as a new starting point that is staged in the most recent work on show, produced during last year confinement.


Ricardo Cavada‘s painting has sometimes been defined as expressionist, gestural, synthesising, abstract, essential, silent, geometric, reflexive, minimalist, reductionist, etc., and the truth is that he integrates all these characteristics which, in one way or another, have found their own place in his painting, together with a personal use of colour and a hidden workmanship by means of transparencies, which give his work an immediate and spontaneous freshness.

By means of the repeated study of colour and light through infinite variations of a basic organising element, Cavada has endowed his work with his own recognisable language that orders and organises it in a clear and systematic way, leaving space for the play of light created by means of superimposition. In his artistic maturity he turns to pictorial research, establishing an intimate and personal dialogue with each of his works. A narrative discourse that has evolved in its forms, but which has always remained in this search for the essence, far from distractions and fashions, and which has led Ricardo Cavada to become a fundamental artist, with more than a hundred exhibitions.

His work can be found in a large number of national collections, including “La Caixa” Foundation, Coca Cola España Foundation, CAC Málaga Collection, Unicaja de Málaga Collection, Norte de Arte Contemporáneo Collection, Testimoni Collection of La Caixa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bank of Spain Collection, Municipal Museum of Fine Arts of Santander, Bergé Collection in Madrid and Arthur Andersen Collection, among others.



11th February – 3rd April, 2021
Ricardo Cavada

Galería Juan Silió
C/ Doctor Fourquet, 18. 28012 Madrid

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Tuesday – Friday
11AM – 7PM
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