LAURA LÓPEZ BALZA “El sueño de los dos pájaros”

After participating in the first edition of “Cuarto de Invitados” in 2019, Laura López Balza presents her first solo exhibition at the gallery. El sueño de los dos pájaros (The dream of the two birds) brings together a series of recently produced paintings that introduce us fully into the fantastic and genuine world of the author, which mixes her imaginary experiences both in her native Cantabria and in Senegal, where she has lived for four years.

The artist’s creative process is based on her personal experience and an extraordinary sensitivity to perceive the world and all that inhabits it. Very close to an ancestral animism (even before her trip to Senegal) and to symbolist, surrealist and expressionist traditions, everything she represents in her works is alive and communicates with each other in a magical way. People, animals and all the elements of nature are placed on the same plane. They share sensations supported by the vibration of his very broad chromatic palette and her intuitive compositions, far removed from any canon. Both colour and form are born of pure emotion brought to the plane with a formidable expressive freedom that flees from conventionalism. She manages to represent many more things than the eye can see. Her stories appeal to the feelings of each viewer and require their full attention, as they are replete of subtle details that turn each work into a device capable of transforming the viewer through the aesthetic experience.

Her paintings always relate events or sensations experienced by the artist, so that they do not fall into oblivion. Then, on the canvas, board or paper, they acquire the status of a privileged moment and absolute present. This speaks to us of a precious way of understanding life that gives great importance to small discoveries and everyday surprises. The works are a kind of visual diary, a graphic memory, reminiscent of the role of the griots, those African storytellers who sing and narrate the events of the community so that they remain engraved in a familiar and collective memory. The titles of the works, like small descriptive verses, support the pictorial discourse and complete its meaning by providing more specific information about what is described in each representation: different customs, rituals, ceremonies, agricultural activities, professions, sports, places, animals, plants, times of day, proper names, encounters and mythologies.

El sueño de los dos pájaros is a hymn to the joy of living and the celebration of the world through paintings that overflows reality to tell its secrets.



6th October – 10th December, 2022

Laura López Balza

Galería Juan Silió
C/ Sol 45, bajo. 39003 Santander.

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Saturday,
10.30AM – 1.30PM
6 – 9PM