Juan Silió Gallery presents in Madrid “cool earth”, a Project by German artist Michel Najjar (Landau, 1966) in which he deals with the consequences of climate change and the human-induced transformation of the Earth. The exhibition, that opens on Saturday 4th of June, is part of the Festival Off inside PhotoEspaña.

The Works belonging to his latest series, including a 3 channel video-installation, envision a future landscape of Earth. Images sometimes close to science and fiction, but actually based on scientific data and forecasts. With an analytical and critical approach to technology, Najjar refelcts on how it can help us to reverse climate change, but also alerts on the consequences of her use and possible long term transformations.  A wake-up call about political, cultural and technical resources needed to face the climate crisis.


cool earth

June 4 – July 29, 2022

Michael Najjar

Galería Juan Silió
C/ Doctor Fourquet, 20. 28012 Madrid.

Tuesday – Friday,
11am – 7pm

11am – 2pm



With the collaboration of: Matéria