Carlos Irijalba returns to Juan Silió gallery with “Inertia” project presented this year at ARCOmadrid 2012 where it was highlighted among the 20 most relevant works. The project investigates the construction of reality through the light. The “Inertia” video, the main piece of the project, was recorded on different roads and forest locations between Navarra, Basque Country and Cantabria.

In the text Irijalba writes about the project: “Like an eye blink denies the presence of a specific space or time within a continuum, the frame freezes a precise moment and a place. It is the indivisible unit of audiovisual gear and its main inductor is the light. That is the origin of a journey that takes us from reality to its representation and whose final destination is that ultimate entity we call document.

Inertia deals with the construction of reality. It stems from some scenes that were not included in the video project Twilight , which refer to the transit of light from one location to another. In both projects the lighting device is strongly attatched to the real. In Inertia the route is a place and the vector is imposed to the object. The present thus tends to vanish in a continuous movement: the outcome is, indeed, it’s non presence.

In the preparation process of Inertia, a will to challenge the structural parameters of every audiovisual production arouse. It’s known that in the film industry technical efforts are meticulously designed depending on the profitability of certain scenes. We call it the hierarchy of images. As a reaction to these politics, we approach Inertia from sheer analogic procedures. The self imposed rule of clinging onto the real (in terms of procedure, structure, etc…) became a priority against the indolent hype of postproduction.

In its four-minute length, Inertia responds to the conventions of rhythm, visual axining and other narrative rules we turn to in order to digest the totality of the audiovisual spectrum. Here, an specific accident occurs when the fragile specific standards of the narrative meets the sophistication of the scenical as they confront the unavoidable physicality (gravity, weight or volume) of the elements they serve”

Graduated in Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country, Irijalba completed his studies at the University of Kunst in Berlin. Awarded including the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum Photography Grant or the Marcelino Botin Arts Grant 2007/2008. He received Honorable Mention in 2009 Generaciones Caja Madrid and the Purificación García First Prize.

The young artist, linked to Juan Silió gallery has taken part in many international exhibitions such as Atopias in CCCB Barcelona, LMCC New York or the recent Delimitations curated by Ghila Lemon at Herzliya Museum of Israel.

Between his upcoming events we highlight the exhibition Sentido y Sostenibilidad curated by Alberto Sanchez Balmisa within the territory of Urdaibai where 10 artists (including Liam Gillick, Oscar Tuazon, Lara Almarcegui or Haegue Yang) will give his personal vision of the territory.