“Miserables casas/excelentes habitáculos”- Miserable houses/excellent cabins- is a journey from painting to sculpture, passing through architecture; a constant back and forth travel in which the most primitive constructions stand as

Galería Juan Silió participates in Estampa 2021 art fair, which is taking place in Madrid from 21st to 24th of October. In this edition, the gallery is presenting an overview

            Juan Silió Gallery presents the most recent work by Juan López. In Surco he furthers his research on the signs generated in the city, both by its construction and development,

Pintura. Tout court brings together three artists who are similar in their ability to define images and conjugate them from their abstract condition, but also in how they auscultate the

Artists and info: Nora Aurrekoetxea Núria Fuster Carlos Irijalba Juan López Rafa Macarrón Manuel Minch Belén Rodríguez Miguel Ángel Tornero   OPENING HOURS VIP: Wednesday 7; Thursday 8; Friday 9: 12PM - 8PM General public: Saturday 10, 12PM - 8PM. Sunday 11, 12PM - 6PM. BOOTH:

Abraham Lacalle (Almería, 1962) returns to Galería Juan Silió with landscape as the focus of his exhibition entitled Ir al paisaje. The exhibition combines oil canvases and medium and large

  Manuel Minch conceives the exhibition Cargo as a group of material translations of the traces that can appear in the different processes of transit. The exhibition is formed by various